hey there! I dont have enough information to answer you question but I will try!!

  1. yield take(‘action_type’) will be trigger when you dispatch and action called literally ‘action_type`…. store.dispatch(‘action_type’)
  2. that is another use case :), the take effect will listen for that action, but that is not the only way to trigger a saga, you can also fork it BUT you mentioned something like “Why do we need that yield take() statement inside of our saga while we are already calling it based on the dispatched action type in the rootSaga?” that is not 100% accurate, the rootSaga trigger all the sagas, but the take ensures they just dont execute until the action is dispatched, without the take, it will keep performing all the operations

If you want to set some jsbin to show me what you are doing maybe I can help u more.

Best regards!

I do serverless stuff 🤷🏻‍♂️

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