Originally posted on https://thecloudfunction.com/blog/firebase-cloud-functions-continuous-deploying-with-cloud-build/

Well, at this point I’m a fan of this, migrating all our platform from AWS to gcloud it’s been a great experience (pun intended), this time I want to show you how easy is to deploy your firebase projects with Cloud Build, direct to the point.

When your only option is to go all or nothing.

Originally posted on https://thecloudfunction.com/blog/atomic-operations-with-firebase/

When talking about databases, atomic means one single thing, all or nothing. Sometimes we need to execute a few operations that can possibly create relations between each other, we need a way to guarantee that the…

Because there are not silver bullets for async operations

I call the systematic testing and experimenting with new things in my career in order to find better ways to perform and achieve higher quality in the software I write on a regular basis the I'm going to fail soon mode, luckily, I’ve been paid for that.

If like me…

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This is a 2-part series — feel free to check out the first part here.

I’ve been a redux-saga user for a year now, and I still remember when I was introduced to the library. I remember how amazed I was (that ‘Eureka’ moment!) …

Update 29/7/2017: Thanks to Dan Abramov for explain me in more detail some scenarios.

A few days ago (26/7/2017) the React team released their new beta version introducing several new features which received some attention among the community. …


Last month, I interviewed around 30 candidates for a Senior Front End Engineer position at Shiftgig. Since we are about to start several big projects, I was expecting to hire someone who I can rely on to help me create a solid foundation architecture that can scale. There were a…

UPDATE August/2017:

UPDATE April/2017:

A few days ago my colleague gave a talk about managing…

With the release of Angular 2, one could thing we are all done with
version 1, different but the Angular team keep surprising us with new features and improvements for all of us who still keep our hopes in this
instance of the framework. With the final release of 1.5v, a lot…

Andrés Mijares

I do serverless stuff 🤷🏻‍♂️

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