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Well, at this point I’m a fan of this, migrating all our platform from AWS to gcloud it’s been a great experience (pun intended), this time I want to show you how easy is to deploy your firebase projects with Cloud Build, direct to the point.

  • I made this approach to work with several projects and services.
  • You will need to change to the Blaze plan and activate billing (this is important if you are using firebase in production and you want to keep track of your cost).
  • I will assume you have several projects, for…

When your only option is to go all or nothing.

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When talking about databases, atomic means one single thing, all or nothing. Sometimes we need to execute a few operations that can possibly create relations between each other, we need a way to guarantee that the whole process was successful or it did fail, one of the best examples is a payment processor, we cannot have grays on this process, it happened or it did not. This is a common practice on SQL databases, but in this case, Firebase team got your back.

Introducing Batched Writes

Batched writes…

Because there are not silver bullets for async operations

I call the systematic testing and experimenting with new things in my career in order to find better ways to perform and achieve higher quality in the software I write on a regular basis the I'm going to fail soon mode, luckily, I’ve been paid for that.

If like me, you decided to go into the computer science world, you probably know what I’m talking about, technology patterns are ephemeral these days, which means we need to keep hydrating ourselves with information in order to be able to fulfill the market demand; shit is simple, people demand new and better…

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This is a 2-part series — feel free to check out the first part here.

I’ve been a redux-saga user for a year now, and I still remember when I was introduced to the library. I remember how amazed I was (that ‘Eureka’ moment!) when I solved a few problems in matter of hours.

It was so good that I needed to share all this awesomeness with other people — so I sat down and wrote a post about it. From that day on, due to the curse of knowledge, I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

It was so…

Update 29/7/2017: Thanks to Dan Abramov for explain me in more detail some scenarios.

A few days ago (26/7/2017) the React team released their new beta version introducing several new features which received some attention among the community. I’ve being playing around with it and I would love to share my findings so far.

The feature that got most of attention of the community was a new hook known as componentDidCatch which supports a more declarative way to handle error as explained in this post.

Even when the try/catch feature has been around for a long time, it seems…


Last month, I interviewed around 30 candidates for a Senior Front End Engineer position at Shiftgig. Since we are about to start several big projects, I was expecting to hire someone who I can rely on to help me create a solid foundation architecture that can scale. There were a few factors I was looking for: number of people working on it at the same time, complexity, and a lifetime of around three to five years. …

UPDATE August/2017:

UPDATE April/2017:

A few days ago my colleague gave a talk about managing async operations. He was using several tools to extend the capabilities of redux. Listening to him really drove home the realities of JavaScript Fatigue.

Let’s face it: if you’re used to doing your job and using technologies based on your needs — and not for the sake of technology itself…

With the release of Angular 2, one could thing we are all done with
version 1, different but the Angular team keep surprising us with new features and improvements for all of us who still keep our hopes in this
instance of the framework. With the final release of 1.5v, a lot of
new features, bug fixes and improvements are available for us to
keep us busy and creating really cool stuff. This time we are going
to talk about two of them, let's start with Components.

According to the Angular’s site, a component is a special kind of directive…

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